Progressive Multiplier Announces Progressive Stimulus Project Grantees

January 27, 2021 — Bethany Maki

, Progressive Multiplier Announces Progressive Stimulus Project Grantees

Progressive Multiplier, a Progressive Power Lab project, announces its first round of ten Progressive Stimulus Project Grantees.

Bethany Maki, Managing Director of the Progressive Multiplier, stated: “Decades of organizing efforts deserve a great deal of credit for the new chapter we started as a country last week. Among vital lessons learned in 2020 is that strengthening groups focused on systemic change is essential to forging pathways to power. For the Progressive Multiplier, it reaffirms our commitment to building a sustainable, self-determined progressive movement with the scale to win.”

These nonprofit organizations have begun working on independent revenue generation experiments through the Progressive Stimulus Project. Progressive Multiplier is providing technical and financial support to the grantees below as they navigate fundraising challenges and opportunities that are unique to their organizations during this uncertain economic time:

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