Neeti Kaur: Chief Financial Officer of Progressive Power Lab

Neeti Kaur joined Progressive Power Lab as its first Chief Financial Officer.  Neeti has 20 years of finance and accounting experience in the corporate, political and non-profit sectors where she has held various roles managing the fiscal functions of the organizations.   The hiring process for this role on the Progressive Power Lab team was exhaustive, and even attractedContinue reading “Neeti Kaur: Chief Financial Officer of Progressive Power Lab”

Powell Memorandum: Plan for Corporate Power

On August 23, 1971, immediately prior to accepting President Nixon’s nomination to the Supreme Court, Lewis Powell, a corporate attorney and board member of Phillip Morris, wrote a confidential memo, the Powell Memorandum, for the Chamber of Commerce entitled “Attack on the American Free Enterprise System.” Powell’s memorandum was a blueprint for conservative corporate interestsContinue reading “Powell Memorandum: Plan for Corporate Power”

Koch Canvass Likely Swung FL, MI, PA in 2016

One of the most under-reported stories of the 2016 election is the impact of the Koch canvass machine. For instance, American for Prosperity, the Koch backed canvassing group, likely played a major role in swinging the 2016 election in Florida, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. $125 Million Canvass Operation In 2015, the Koch Brothers announced that theyContinue reading “Koch Canvass Likely Swung FL, MI, PA in 2016”