Powell Memorandum: Plan for Corporate Power

On August 23, 1971, immediately prior to accepting President Nixon’s nomination to the Supreme Court, Lewis Powell, a corporate attorney and board member of Phillip Morris, wrote a confidential memo, the Powell Memorandum, for the Chamber of Commerce entitled “Attack on the American Free Enterprise System.” Powell’s memorandum was a blueprint for conservative corporate interestsContinue reading “Powell Memorandum: Plan for Corporate Power”

Koch Canvass Likely Swung FL, MI, PA in 2016

One of the most under-reported stories of the 2016 election is the impact of the Koch canvass machine. For instance, American for Prosperity, the Koch backed canvassing group, likely played a major role in swinging the 2016 election in Florida, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. $125 Million Canvass Operation In 2015, the Koch Brothers announced that theyContinue reading “Koch Canvass Likely Swung FL, MI, PA in 2016”