Progressive Multiplier is new kind of funding intermediary and learning hub offering diverse financing options for progressive non-profits’ grassroots revenue generation programs.


Membership Drive provides technology, training, and strategy for progressive groups to scale their field canvass operations. Learn more about cutting edge canvass techniques.


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In new, sustaining monthly

revenue since 2019


Annual growth across

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Innaugral organizations

funded FY2019-20

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Progressive Power Lab incubates and provides management services to non-profit and for-profit organizations. Our portfolio companies and partners provide technology, canvassing services, as well as financing and technical support to nonprofits that move millions of people and dollars into action for progressive causes.

“Through the generous support of the Progressive Multiplier Fund, we became equipped to expand our fundraising program to create and build a planned giving program…we have been able to secure over $400,000 in planned gifts! This creates a foundation for a prosperous future for our organization.”

Mary Kruse
Development Associate,

People’s Action/People’s Action